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View looking East from the boulder field

The North side of the Siyoma Valley is an adventurous route with a clearly followable path, but with sustained sections that are narrow, shaley and sloped above bigger drops to the river below.

Access the trail by crossing the bridge to the North side of the river just beyond the water-processing plant.  From there the path follows the river up the valley.  After around 1km the path climbs up the side of the valley and for around 800m follows the steepest and narrowest section of the first 5km of hiking.  After that the path returns to closer to the river and the base of the valley is wider.  A smaller stream comes in from the North after about 2.5km and is crossed by a small bridge.  This stream is immediately followed by a wider clearing with large deciduous trees and, in late spring and early summer, a large cluster of Giant Desert Candles or Foxtail Lilies (Eremurus Robustus).  At around 4km there’s a small boulder field before an extended wooded area opposite the outflow of the glacial melt from Big and Little Igizak to the South.

Giant Desert Candles or Foxtail Lilies

After 5km the river widens out briefly.  On the South side is a meteorological station.  There is a pulley system with a basket to cross the river at this point, but the basket is generally stored on the south side, and there’s no way of retrieving it (without a potential dip in the river!) from the North side.

Download the GPS track for the first 5km on the North side of the valley by clicking here.

Details of the upper valley trail can be found by clicking here: coming soon!

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