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Unfortunately as of 2021 we are currently only operating Camp Archa: The Wood

We are delighted to announce that in partnership with Fann Adventure Travel and Dilovar’s Homestay in Saratoq (Saritag) we have secured 10-year leases for 4 campsites in the valley west of Saratoq.  Over the coming months we will be putting in some basic amenities including small, discrete toilet and shower blocks, established fire and BBQ facilities and a waste disposal system.

Introducing: Kitchen for Campers (KFC)!  As part of securing the land and in partnership with Dilovar’s Homestay in Saratoq we are able to offer catering services to make your camping experience that bit more comfortable!  Any combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner options are available and will be delivered to your campsite at a time of your choosing – additional options include fresh bread, eggs and homemade dairy products from the village.  Contact Dilovar (+992905032202 – Tajik and Russian) or our office ( for details on menu and prices.

Through Fann Adventure Travel we are able to arrange transport to and from the campsites (apart from The Gorge, which has no vehicle access and The Rock, which has limited vehicle access) to anywhere in Tajikistan.

Don’t forget that the Archa Foundation can kit you out with all your equipment rental needs here in Dushanbe!  For details, click here.

We’re so pleased to partner in a project where we have been able to ensure that the land is protected for the next 10 years from any form of development and where the local communities have the potential to benefit from yours, and our, love of camping and the outdoors!

Further details at their own dedicated pages:

RATES [2023 Season]:

All rates include the National Park fee.  For those who have booked ahead we will provide a photo that you can show at the park barrier (near Iskandarkul) and we will arrange the payment of your national park fees as part of your campsite payment listed below. Payment can be made direct to Archa through Alif on any pay terminal in Tajikistan, direct to Dilovar in Saratoq or at the Archa office in Dushanbe.

For residents (including non-Tajiks with OVIR Registration): 30TJS/person/night (kids under 7: FREE)

For tourists: 50TJS/person/night (kids under 7: FREE)

Alternatively to reserve the whole site exclusively for your group it’s 400TJS/night + 7TJS/night/person over 7 years old (17TJS/night/person for tourists)

These fees enable us to lease and conserve the land, maintain the sites, keep them clean, provide the amenities and in doing so provide employment for members of the local mountain communities.

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