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Homestays are a fantastic way to experience Tajikistan, to enjoy its mountains and – especially if you book directly with them – to benefit local communities.  Below are some initial details on homestay networks and particular homestays that we’ve stayed and and loved!

Fann Mountains:

  • Saratoq (Saritag): we are partners with Dilovar and his wonderful homestay just West of Iskandarkul!  Contact them on +992905032202 (Tajik & Russian) or book online by clicking here.
  • The ZTDA have a network of homestays through the region.  Details on their website – click here.

Zarafshon Valley:

  • Veshab: we are friends with Hussainboi and his homestay!  Contact them on +992927230015 (Tajik & Russian) or at


  • PECTA help support a network of homestays throughout the Pamirs.  Details on their website – click here.
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