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Fastest Known Time (FKT) has been growing in popularity over the last few years… finding new places to explore in the world is getting harder and harder (though not in Tajikistan!), so people are instead seeking to break one another’s records!  An FKT is simply the fastest recorded time from one point to another along a specific route.

There are many epic routes across Tajikistan that we’d love to see added to the FKT site.  There are standard guidelines for completing an FKT, which can be found by clicking here.  If you’d like to attempt and FKT (or have completed one already) in Tajikistan then please get in touch!

In May 2018 we organised the first official FKT attempt in Tajikistan – the route involved summitting three peaks north of Dushanbe each with a prominence of over 1000m – leading to a combined elevation gain of over 4300m and a total distance exceeding 46km.  We followed that up in September 2018 when we supported Wayne Cassidy’s epic single day FKT from Marguzor (the 6th Lake in the 7 Lakes chain) to Iskandarkul – a route that trekking companies usually spread over 5 days!

You can find details of the current routes on our website… and we’d love to support your attempt to break any of the current records! Get in touch!

      • Dushanbe 3 Peaks Challenge
      • Iskandarkul to Marguzor (7 Lakes)
      • Varzob to Dara
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