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Арча | Archa Foundation

Contact us ( in order to arrange your rental.  Please give us at least 72hrs notice where possible.

We can facilitate most of your wilderness adventures through our rental store in Dushanbe!

You can find details of equipment and prices here: click here

This document is out of date – especially regarding stock numbers – but it will give you an idea of what we have.  In 2021 we revised our pricing – the prices listed in this document are broadly correct, but your final invoice may differ slightly.

In addition to what’s listed we also have the following popular items available:

  • Sun shade tarps: $2.50/day
  • Toilet tents: $4/night
  • Climbing equipment: contact us for prices
  • Snow-shoes: $2.50/day
  • Crampons: $2.50/day
  • Collapsible camp chairs: $2.50/day
  • Bouldering mats: $4/day
  • Much, much more… if it’s not listed, just ask!  We may still have it!

We also sell camping gas canisters:

  • 230g (fuel) canister: 90TJS
  • 450g (fuel) canister: 130TJS

Finally, all equipment is subject to rental terms and conditions, which can be found by clicking here.

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