Our History

Арча | Archa Foundation

The Archa Foundation was established (*is being established!) in 2018, but we’ve been working informally since 2014.  Our desire is to see the wild spaces of Tajikistan used and enjoyed as the wonderful place that they are!  Whilst our charter is extremely broad, we are currently primarily focused on simply getting people out into the wild spaces.  We are logging known trails and climbs as well as finding new routes.  We do as much of this as we can in the context of introducing the mountains of Tajikistan to the young people who live here.   We organise regular trips giving people an opportunity to escape the city, enjoy time with friends, experience the wild spaces of Tajikistan and benefit from some experiential learning at the same time.

Please do contact us if you’d like to find out more, to join us on one of our trips or if you’d like to make a donation toward our work.

Tajikistan is a land of incredible wild-spaces and we want to encourage you to enjoy them!  This site is constantly updated… if there’s a place you can’t find then drop us an email and we’ll do our best to visit and to make information available.

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