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Trekking Information:

Jan Bakker’s site has some great routes, a digital guide/route book that you can purchase and some fantastic photos:

Christian Bleuer has put together an excellent and comprehensive guide to the Takali Knot (Upper Zarafshon, Yaghnob and Romit valleys) of mountains here:


Clubs & Organisations:

The Pamir Alpine Club based down in Khorugh have a pretty extensive site dedicated to the Pamirs: You can connect with them on Facebook too:

Agba Club are Dushanbe based with more of a focus in that area of the country – though not exclusively.  They have a lot of route information in Russian, some trip reports and some excellent photos.  The English section of the website is unfortunately not great, but there’s some good beta there: You can connect with them on Facebook too:

Hike Tajikistan organise weekly excursions year round on Sundays.  You can connect with them on Facebook:


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