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🇹🇯 Лутфан ба саволҳои худ оиди мусобиқаи дав, ҷавобҳоро дар ҳуҷҷати зерин дарёфт намоед. Маълумот оиди мусобиқаи дави Искандаркӯл 2022 [Рӯзи мусобиқа: 21.05.2022]: Тоҷикӣинҷо клик кунед

🇷🇺 Вы можете найти ответы на свои вопросы о забеге в данном документе. Информация о забеге на Искандеркуль 2022 [Дата забега: 21.05.2022]: Русскийнажмите здесь

🇬🇧 Please find answers to your questions about the race in this document. Iskandarkul 2022 Race information [Race day: 21.05.2022]: Englishclick here

We are excited to have you join us!

The Tajik Mountain Race Series: Iskandarkul 2022 – race day: 21.05.2022 – is an opportunity for you to compete in either a 5km, 10km, half-marathon or full-marathon distance race in the mountains of Tajikistan around Lake Iskandarkul in the stunning Fann Mountains. 🏃🏔️

The 5km and 10km routes will follow the northern shore of the lake itself and are relatively flat – great options for novice runners or families.

The half and full marathon options have around 250+m and 750+m of elevation gain respectively – starting along the shore of the lake with the shorter races and then climbing to the valley floor around the village of Saratoq.

Iskandarkul is at an elevation of 2200m and so participants can expect to feel the effects of altitude!

We welcome anyone to come and join us – whether you want to compete for the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the route, or you simply want to enjoy a challenging hike in the stunning mountains. ⏱️

🇹🇯 Маблағгузории ҳаққи мусобиқа: агар шумо як давандаи хуб ва доим медавед, аммо хароҷоти мусобиқа бароятон дастнорас аст, мо каме маблағҳои сарпарастӣ дорем – барои дархост ирсол намудан, инҷо пахш намоед  👍🏼

🇬🇧 Race fee scholarships: if you are a keen and committed runner but are struggling with the costs we have some sponsorship money available – click here to apply  👍🏼

🇷🇺 Спонсирование участия в забеге: если вы полны энтузиазма и искренне увлечены бегом, но переживаете трудный финансовый период в жизни, то у нас есть спонсорские деньги – нажмите здесь, чтобы подать заявку на возможность бесплатного участия в забеге 👍🏼

🇹🇯 Бақайдгирӣ: Тоҷикӣ: инҷо клик кунед

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