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Can you climb with the best?!

MoonBoard Image 001Come and test your strength and ability against your friends and the best climbers in the world!

The MoonBoard is a climbing and bouldering training tool created by world famous climber Ben Moon, but it is also an excellent for general strength and conditioning.

The MoonBoard is a standardised training board. The MoonBoard holds allow users all over the world to climb and train on the same problems as each other. There are hundreds of MoonBoards all over the world and thousands of climbers using them – come and join the community!

At Kuvvat CrossFit we have the first publicly available MoonBoard in Central Asia! The angle of the board is adjustable to enable all abilities to climb – from the newcomer right through to the most experienced climber-athlete!

For details on prices for using the MoonBoard click here: MoonBoard Prices

To download the app click here for iOS or here for Android.

For more details checkout the MoonBoard website or this introduction site.

If you’re interested in having the Archa Foundation build you your own MoonBoard then please email us for details and costs.


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