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Early summer 2020


The Siyoma Valley is a stunning valley about 1 hour drive (54km) north of Dushanbe.  There’s parking just off the main highway.  The valley floor itself runs over 20km to the West and there are trails on both sides of the river for the first 5+km.  After that the trail runs on the North side only.  The valley is accessible at all times of the year.

The trail is not for the faint-hearted!  Whilst it is clearly discernible on both the North and South sides for the first 5km it is often narrow and there are sustained stretches where the shaley, sloped and narrow path over steep drops into the river can be nerve-wracking!  That said, the views are stunning, for the more adventurous this is a path that can be done with children as long as the necessary attention is paid to their safety.

For the less adventurous there are good picnicking spots within the first km on the North side – including some covered BBQ areas, though we’re currently unsure who to get permission from for use of these.

Links to more detailed directions for the trails below the driving map.

Driving up the main highway you will pass through the first two road-tolls (paid in both directions):

More details:

Coming soon:

  • Trail on the South side of the river
  • The hermit weather-station and cable-pulling crossing
  • Spur valleys
  • Upper trail
  • Climbing out of the valley at the West end
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